Summary of WebKit.ASStreamOut

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class InvalidCommandSequence(Exception):

class ConnectionAbortedError(Exception):

class ASStreamOut(object):
    def __init__(self, autoCommit=False, bufferSize=8192)
    def autoCommit(self)
    def setAutoCommit(self, autoCommit=True)
    def bufferSize(self)
    def setBufferSize(self, bufferSize=8192)
    def flush(self)
    def buffer(self)
    def clear(self)
    def close(self)
    def closed(self)
    def size(self)
    def prepend(self, charstr)
    def pop(self, count)
    def committed(self)
    def needCommit(self)
    def commit(self, autoCommit=True)
    def write(self, charstr)