name = 'WebKit'

version = (1, 1, 1)

docs = [
    {'name': 'Install Guide', 'file': 'InstallGuide.html'},
    {'name': "User's Guide", 'file': 'UsersGuide.html'},
    {'name': 'Configuration Guide', 'file': 'Configuration.html'},
    {'name': 'Beginner Tutorial', 'file': 'Tutorial.html'},
    {'name': 'Application Development', 'file': 'ApplicationDevelopment.html'},
    {'name': 'Developing Webware', 'file': 'Developing.html'},
    {'name': 'Future Work', 'file': 'Future.html'},

status = 'stable'

requiredPyVersion = (2, 4, 0)

synopsis = """WebKit provides Python classes for generating dynamic content from a web-based, server-side application. It is a significantly more powerful alternative to CGI scripts for application-oriented development, while still being nearly as easy to use as CGI. WebKit is analogous to NeXT/Apple's WebObjects and Sun's Servlets."""

WebKitConfig = {
    'examplePages': [