#!/usr/bin/env python


This version of the app server is in support of the OneShot adapter.

This class creates an application that has no session sweeper thread,
and it provides the convenience method dispatchRawRequest().

See also: OneShot.cgi and OneShotAdapter.py.


from AppServer import AppServer
from Application import Application

class OneShotAppServer(AppServer):

    def __init__(self, path=None):
        AppServer.__init__(self, path)

    def recordPID(self):
        self._pidFile = None

    def isPersistent(self):
        return False

    def createApplication(self):
        return Application(server=self, useSessionSweeper=False)

    def dispatchRawRequest(self, newRequestDict, strmOut):
        self._requestID += 1
        newRequestDict['requestID'] = self._requestID
        return self._app.dispatchRawRequest(newRequestDict, strmOut)