from MiscUtils.Configurable import Configurable, NoDefault

class ConfigurableForServerSidePath(Configurable):
    """Configuration file functionality incorporating a server side path.

    This is a version of `MiscUtils.Configurable.Configurable`
    that provides a customized `setting` method for classes which
    have a `serverSidePath` method. If a setting's name ends with
    ``Filename`` or ``Dir``, its value is passed through
    `serverSidePath` before being returned.

    In other words, relative filenames and directory names are expanded
    with the location of the object, NOT the current directory.

    Application and AppServer are two well known users of this
    mix-in. Any class that has a `serverSidePath` method and a
    `Configurable` base class, should inherit this class instead.

    This is used with for MakeAppWorkDir, which changes the serverSidePath.


    def setting(self, name, default=NoDefault):
        """Return setting, using the server side path when indicated.

        Returns the setting, filtered by self.serverSidePath(),
        if the name ends with ``Filename`` or ``Dir``.

        value = Configurable.setting(self, name, default)
        if name[-8:] == 'Filename' or name[-3:] == 'Dir':
            value = self.serverSidePath(value)
        return value