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Subversion Repository Access

As of March 2005, Webware source code is stored in Subversion at svn.w4py.org, instead of at SourceForge.net

The Subversion repository can be viewed online with your web browser:


Anonymous SVN access is available to anyone. The repository can be accessed at svn.w4py.org or svn.webwareforpython.org, and it's set up for both native SVN and WebDAV access:

% svn checkout svn://svn.w4py.org/Webware/trunk Webware

% svn checkout http://svn.w4py.org/Webware/trunk Webware

...but the password file for write access via svn:// is not the same as http:// access so unless you request otherwise, you're username will be entered in the WebDAV password file.

Note: the subversion repository is large and will become larger; it is best to check out just a portion of the repository. To see what projects are in the server do:

% svn ls http://svn.w4py.org

Or deeper trees, like:

% svn ls http://svn.w4py.org/Webware/tags

And then check out a single tree.

This page can be updated in the Webware Wiki.

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