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Python-based Template Packages

This summary of "Python-based Template Packages" comes from discussions on the webware-discuss list. Here is an index of various packages sorted such that Pythonic, Webware-onic and stable packages float to the top of the list. There is a detailed key at the bottom for the column semantics.

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Name Status Philosophy Webware Component webware-discuss Language User's Guide Code docs Auto-regress Test Examples Author
Python Server Pages beta/prod Mix Python and HTML in the JSP/ASP/PHP style. y y Python y ? n y Jay Love
KidKit alpha Integrate Kid (see below) into Webware. y y Python y y n y Christoph Zwerschke et al
SimplateKit pre-alpha Keep it simple, but add WebKit integration. y y Python n y n y Sasa Zivkov
XMLForms alpha Provides high-level data model descriptions and output templates in order to support sophisticated Web user interfaces with minimum developer effort. y n Python y n n y Paul Boddie
Cheetah prod Provide easily editable and viewable templating language a la webmacro/Velocity. n y Python y y y y Tavis Rudd, et al
TreeplateKit ? Provide founding parsing framework that can be turned towards various purposes. n y Python ? ? ? ? Ian Bicking
DTML prod Extends HTML, adding tags for variable, conditional and repeated insertion. Think "HTML methods". n n Python y y y y Digital Creations
PTL prod Re-use as much Python as possible. n n Python y y y n Quixote Dev Team
Zope Page Templates prod Template looks like the output. Use *ML attributes and tags. Unlike XMLC no separate code is required for template manipulation. n n Python y ? y y Digital Creations
Kid beta A simple template language for XML based vocabularies. n n Python y y y y Ryan Tomayko
Zebra ? ? n n Python ? ? ? ? Michal Wallace
Plow alpha Keep it simple. ? y Python y y y y Mike Orr
FreeMarker prod A multipurpose template engine that approximates MVC and is easy for graphic designers to use. n n Java y y n y Benjamin Geer, Mike Bayer
Velocity prod A better webmacro. n n Java y y y y Jakarta Apache Project
XMLC prod Template looks like the output. User *ML attributes and tags. An object is created from HTML source which can be manipulated via the DOM API and output back. n n Java y y ? y Lutris/Mark Diekhans
webmacro prod Provide easily editable & viewable templating language that is simple, but powerful. Allow some presentation logic, but not full programming. Uses $foo and #command. n n Java y ? ? ? Justin Wells

Name Obvious.
Status Is this production ready, beta, alpha, pre-alpha?
Philosophy The idea behind the package in as few words as possible.
Webware Component If 'y' then the package is structured as a "Webware Component" which means you can find docs, examples and tests in well known places as well as info about the package in Properties.py.
webware-discuss If 'y' then the author was somehow involved with the webware-discuss list, possibly including design, questions and posting.
Language Programming language.
User's Guide If 'y' there is some form of User's Guide with complete instructions on typical usage.
Code docs If 'y' there are doc comments/strings for the classes and methods.
Auto-regress Test If 'y' there is an automated regression test suite with fairly high coverage of the package.
Examples If 'y' there are standalone, useful examples that come with the package.
Author Name of the primary author.

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