Summary of PSP.StreamReader

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class Mark(object):
    def __init__(self, reader,
    def __str__(self)
    def getFile(self)
    def pushStream(self, inFileId, inStream, inBaseDir, inEncoding)
    def popStream(self)

class StreamReader(object):
    def __init__(self, filename, ctxt)
    def init(self)
    def registerSourceFile(self, filepath)
    def pushFile(self, filepath, encoding=None)
    def popFile(self)
    def getFile(self, i)
    def newSourceFile(self, filename)
    def mark(self)
    def skipUntil(self, s)
    def reset(self, mark)
    def matches(self, s)
    def advance(self, length)
    def nextChar(self)
    def isSpace(self)
    def isDelimiter(self)
    def peekChar(self, cnt=1)
    def skipSpaces(self)
    def getChars(self, start, stop)
    def hasMoreInput(self)
    def nextContent(self)
    def parseTagAttributes(self)
    def parseAttributeValue(self, valueDict)
    def parseToken(self, quoted)