Summary of PSP.ParseEventHandler

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class ParseEventHandler(object):
    def __init__(self, ctxt, parser)
    def addGenerator(self, gen)
    def handleExpression(self, start, stop, attrs)
    def handleCharData(self, start, stop, chars)
    def handleComment(self, start, stop)
    def handleInclude(self, attrs, param)
    def handleInsert(self, attrs, param)
    def importHandler(self, imports, start, stop)
    def extendsHandler(self, bc, start, stop)
    def mainMethodHandler(self, method, start, stop)
    def threadSafeHandler(self, value, start, stop)
    def instanceSafeHandler(self, value, start, stop)
    def indentTypeHandler(self, type, start, stop)
    def indentSpacesHandler(self, amount, start, stop)
    def gobbleWhitespaceHandler(self, value, start, stop)
    def formatterHandler(self, value, start, stop)
    def handleDirective(self, directive, start, stop, attrs)
    def handleScript(self, start, stop, attrs)
    def handleScriptFile(self, start, stop, attrs)
    def handleScriptClass(self, start, stop, attrs)
    def handleEndBlock(self)
    def handleMethod(self, start, stop, attrs)
    def handleMethodEnd(self, start, stop, attrs)
    def beginProcessing(self)
    def endProcessing(self)
    def setTemplateInfo(self, start, stop)
    def generateHeader(self)
    def generateDeclarations(self)
    def generateInitPSP(self)
    def generateMainMethod(self)
    def generateFooter(self)
    def generateAll(self, phase)
    def optimizeCharData(self)
    def gobbleWhitespace(self)
def checkForTextHavingOnlyGivenChars(text, ws=None)