Summary of MiddleKit/Core.Model

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class ModelError(Exception):
    def __init__(self, error, line=None)
    def setLine(self, line)
    def printError(self, filename)

class Model(Configurable):
    def __init__(self,
    def name(self)
    def setName(self, name)
    def filename(self)
    def read(self, filename, isClassesFile=False)
    def readKlassesInModelDir(self)
    def readKlassesDirectly(self, path)
    def __getstate__(self)
    def awakeFromRead(self)
    def readParents(self, parentFilenames=None)
    def dontReadParents(self)
    def allModelsDepthFirstLeftRight(self, parents=None)
    def coreClass(self, className)
    def coreClassNames(self)
    def klasses(self)
    def klass(self, name, default=NoDefault)
    def allKlassesInOrder(self)
    def allKlassesByName(self)
    def allKlassesInDependencyOrder(self)
    def pyClassForName(self, name)

    ## Being configurable ##
    def configFilename(self)
    def defaultConfig(self)
    def usesExternalSQLEnums(self)

    ## Warnings ##
    def printWarnings(self, out=None)