name = 'KidKit'

version = (1, 1, 1)

docs = [{'name': "User's Guide", 'file': 'UsersGuide.html'}]

status = 'beta'

requiredPyVersion = (2, 4, 0)

requiredSoftware = [{'name': 'kid', 'version': (0, 6, 0)}]

synopsis = """KidKit is a Webware plug-in that allows Kid templates
to be automatically compiled and run as servlets by the WebKit application server.
Kid is a simple templating language for XML based vocabularies written in Python.
You need to install the Kid package before you can use the KidKit plug-in."""

WebKitConfig = {
    'examplePages': [
        'Welcome', 'Time1', 'Time2', 'Files',
        'ServletInfo', 'SimpleForm', 'MandelbrotSet',

def willRunFunc():
    # WebKit doesn't check requiredSoftware yet. So we do so:
        for soft in requiredSoftware:
    except ImportError:
        success = False
        # The required version will be checked in
        success = True
    if not success:
        return 'The kid package is required to use KidKit.'