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Webware Consultants/Contractors

Need help with your Webware project? Here is a directory of consultants/contractors with expertise in Webware. Some might even be amenable to permanent employment.

Chuck Esterbrook

Andrey V Khavruchenko

Aaron Held

  • Aaron@MetroNY.com
  • http://www.metrony.com/aaron/resume/
  • Deployed a Webware based extranet reporting system for Fortune 100 clients to generate reports against 100 million record tables.
  • Previously developed a large number of eCommerce and Manufacturing support internet applications.

Ian Maurer

  • imaurer@gmail.com
  • http://itmaurer.com/blog/
  • Developed a home health care scheduling and documenting system using Webware.
  • Experience working with serveral Python based technologies such as Django, Cheetah Templates, ZPT, and SQLObject.
  • Currently developing e-commerce sites using IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite as a Senior Consultant for Xteric Technology Group.

Maksim F Ischenko

  • http://ischenko.blogspot.com/2004/10/hire-me.html
  • Completed several projects using WebKit, including on-line data processing for the ticket reservation system. Have had an experience using and integrating Cheetah, XSLT and SQLObject along with WebKit.
  • Several years of extensive development in Python, Tcl and other script languages and integration with C++.

Fionn Behrens

  • behrens@fionet.com
  • http://www.fionet.com/
  • Python and Webware hosting, support, development and project consulting in Germany since the 90s.
  • Completed several large projects using WebKit
  • Own hosting service with Webware option
  • Extensive knowledge with python, developer of the pSQL database wrapper

Brad Bollenbach

  • brad@bbnet.ca
  • http://www.bbnet.ca
  • Independent consultant specializing in web development with Webware, Python, Cheetah and SQLObject.
  • Developed an invoicing system for a consultancy firm entirely in Webware, Cheetah and SQLObject.
  • Currently developing an online merchant proxy using Webware, Cheetah and SQLObject.

Terrapin Technologies, Inc.

  • info@cycletime.com
  • http://www.cycletime.com
  • Developed a long-distance telephone self-registration, self-care, and customer support application using Webware.
  • Broad experience in software design with Python, Webware, C++, C, Perl, Java, Expect, HTML, and CGI.
  • Expertise in architectures including: OOA/D, Message- and Transaction-Oriented Middleware, N-Tier Client-Server.

PeaceWorks Computer Consulting

  • http://www.peaceworks.ca
  • jason@peaceworks.ca
  • PeaceWorks has developed several web applications using Webware, MiddleKit, PostgreSQL and MySQL for deployment on both Linux and Win32.
  • PeaceWorks focusses primarily on non-profit organizations, but also does consulting and development for commercial businesses

Oliver Bock

  • oliver-webware@ikucwe.com
  • Independent consultant and software developer located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Developed a sophisticated market-research application using Webware with MySQL as the back end.

Parker Wallace Company

  • Contact: Ben Parker, ben@parkerwallace.com, http://parkerwallace.com
  • We create fast usable websites and deliver powerful tools to manage them.
  • Expertise includes e-commerce, internationalization, integrated supply-chain customer service, real-time data feeds, and much more ... but most importantly we help you make technology decisions that are correct for your business, your budget, and your schedule.
  • Our largest public Webware site is http://www.tablethotels.com

Enrique Arizon Benito

  • Contact: Enrique Arizon Benito, enrique@heraldodeinternet.com
  • Teleworking solutions. Development of custom web applications with Webware/Python (technical support, supply chain, process simulations and data-mining, ...), integration with mail, VoIP, databases, VPN, ... No more need for expensive offices in the city center and daily hours wasted in traffic jams and undergrounds.
  • Contact me for free for a first evaluation of your needs.
  • Spanish language support !!!
  • Soluciones de Teletrabajo. Desarrollo de aplicaciones web a medida con Webware/Python (soporte técnico, suministros, simulación de procesos y minería de datos, ...), integración con correo, VoIP, bases de datos, Redes Privadas Virtuales, ... Se acabo la necesidad de costosas oficinas en el centro de la ciudad y horas diarias perdidas en atascos y metros.
  • Contacteme gratuitamente para una primera evaluación de sus necesidades.
  • ¡¡¡ Soporte en Español !!!

Thomas E Jenkins

  • thomas.jenkins@gmail.com
  • Consultant in the Philadelphia PA area.
  • Designed and implemented platform for providing integrated business services (project management, payroll, time logs, etc.) for Techead (http://techead.com) using Webware.
  • Developed intranet for managing ISP services for Cavalier Telephone (http://cavtel.com) using Webware.

Gil A L Pereira

  • gil@aalp.com.br
  • Consultant in Brazil.
  • Expertise includes internationalization, real-time data feeds, e-commerce, b2b, servers (and network) managment and security.
  • Our preferred tools are: Python, Webware, VB, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL, and deployment on Linux, OpenBSD or Win32.
  • Samples of our public Webware sites are http://www.casadapizza.net (expensive one) and http://www.orquidariopaulista.com.br (really cheap one)
  • Suporte em Português e Inglês.

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